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I have been a licensed massage therapist since April of 2002. I am the first Posture Alignment Specialist certified by the Egoscue Method in the state of Alabama. My primary goal is to help your body remember how to function properly as it was designed to do. Doing this will help you to have a pain free life.


  • First posture alignment specialist, certified by the Egoscue Method, in the state and the only one at the AET level.

Read about us in The Birmingham News.

Hi, I'm Jesse Connor.

Why Us?

Posture Alignment is a system of healthcare that treats the underlying root cause of your pain rather than the symptoms that you present with.
I am going to show you that wherever your pain is, it is almost certainly caused by postural misalignment… ...Not jogging, not golf, not your mattress, not your pillow not your job or anything else that you may have blamed in the past. Postural misalignment. That is why you are in pain. Which means YOU can do something to fix it… …Without surgery, drugs or manipulation.


So, where is your pain? Do you have....


  • Back Pain?

  • Knee Pain?

  • Neck Pain?

Maybe you have all of the above or one or two of the above… If so, do you think they’re connected with one another or do you think they are separate problems in different areas of your body?

If you think they are all connected and part of the same problem, you are correct.

This website will also show you that pain in different areas of the body are very much linked to one another and are all coming from the same underlying root cause. So whether your pain is in the list above, or whether your pain is one or more of the following… 


  • Shoulder Pain - Including Rotator Cuff Injuries 


  • Elbow Pain – Including Tennis Elbow and Golfers Elbow 


  • Wrist/Hand Pain – Including Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) 


  • Hip Pain 


  • Groin Pain 


  • Ankle/Foot Pain – Including Bunions, Hard Skin and Plantar Fasciitis 


  • Recurring Headaches/Migraines…


It is highly likely that the underlying root cause is the same for ALL of them, which is postural misalignment.



If you’re fortunate enough not to be in pain, read on and learn something anyway. From my daily observations of people, I would say that you may well be a 'symptom waiting to happen' - back pain, knee pain, elbow pain... just fill in the blank -- ______ pain. 


Just as those in pain can put an end to it, those that are not in pain can ensure that they won't ever be in pain.

Why Us?
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